HR Professionals & Employee Health Group Captives

If you're an HR professional in a mid-market company or other organization with 50 or more benefits-eligible employees, landing here is a stroke of luck.


Because InCap group captives provide the potential for dramatically reducing the costs of your company's employee health benefits without changing your plan designs. In fact, the savings realized in a group captive often allow Participants to improve their plan offerings, without increasing costs. But there is another reason why landing here was good for you...

All you have to do now is forward the InCap link to your CEO, CFO, president, director or other person in your organization who has responsibility for the bottom line, and let them do the rest.

That's because initial InCap conversations are about finances, not about the benefits - the early process is all number crunching and financial modeling. Which is why our conversations are with the financial folks first, then with Human Resources.

You can already see the potential. Now make sure that the people in your corner offices do, too. Need additional support? Call us at 603-883-3773 or...

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